SMTC and Silver Peak

SMTC Keeps Global Data Flowing

SMTC and Silver PeakSMTC (Nasdaq: SMTX) is a global electronics manufacturing services provider that has more than 2,000 employees who rely on a variety of centrally-hosted applications including ERP, Windows-based file sharing, and remote desktop (RDP) connections.

Like many other companies similar in size to SMTC, increasing data volumes and a congested MPLS network were impeding the company’s long-distance operations. 20 megabyte (MB) files would take more than two hours to move to remote sites, Web traffic was increasingly slow and remote desktop applications frequently timed out due to delays experienced over the network.

SMTC solved its challenges with Silver Peak’s real-time acceleration techniques that move data quickly across the wide area network. The result has been 20x faster data transfers between six offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Silver Peak stood out over alternative tools based on its performance superiority, ease-of-use, and acceleration for the specific applications SMTC was concerned about.

SMTC IT director John Ouzounis noted, “With Silver Peak, we’ve seen transfer ratios as dramatic as 20-to-one. Bandwidth issues meant some file transfers would take as long as 60 minutes to download. With Silver Peak, those same transfers are now down to just five minutes.”

SMTC also saw a huge improvement in stability. Network administrator Stephen Dunscombe said, “User’s sessions would time out and fail. That just doesn’t happen anymore.”

“The decision to go with Silver Peak was easy for a number of reasons,” added Ouzounis.  “First, Silver Peak offered a free trial so I could determine actual performance and usage, which was extremely important.  Second, it is affordable and provides more bang-for-the -buck than any other product on the market.  Finally, Silver Peak is helping ‘future proof’ our business with scalability and performance headroom for addressing our data growth.”

“Cost and performance were definitely key considerations,” concluded Ted Davis of AMA, an authorized Silver Peak partner in Canada.  “Competitive offerings can be 30 to 40% more expensive and not come close to the performance levels of Silver Peak’s software-based approach.”