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Software That’s Red Hot!

Silver Peak Flames Red HotBusiness is going great for us right now. Why?  One word: software. There have been a lot of concerns about the WAN optimization market given some of the problems with our peers in the industry, but Silver Peak’s focus on software and the data center is red-hot. We believe the market is coming to us.

We just concluded a record quarter and we see healthy growth going forward for Silver Peak. Our focus on the high end of the market, a data center-driven strategy, and offering customers a software-based solution that can be deployed just about anywhere is putting Silver Peak in a separate category, and is driving a lot of growth in our business that some of our peers are clearly not enjoying right now.

It’s no secret that the requirements for WAN optimization are evolving. The growing adoption of virtualization, dynamic workloads, and shrinking physical real estate in today’s data centers are all contributing to the shift from legacy custom hardware-based WAN optimizers. And while others in the space have been driving with blinders on, Silver Peak is separating from the pack with our VXOA software that can be deployed quickly and easily anywhere in the world to move big data fast. Not only can our dynamic, software-based approach give customers the flexibility to deploy WAN optimization anywhere, but it also provides adaptability to move the WAN optimization software quickly and easily as data mobility requirements shift or evolve.

Our strategic resale partners also recognize the advantages to Silver Peak’s approach. Take Dell, for example. We recently expanded our Dell partnership geographically as well as in terms of scope of our cooperation. Previously, Dell only resold Silver Peak in the US. Now, we have expanded that to a global sales relationship where Dell offers Silver Peak as their preferred WAN optimization solution in over 30 countries worldwide. This means we are the preferred partner to complement Dell storage products, such as EqualLogic and Compellent, to be part of their network portfolio, to complement their cloud service offerings, and of course, to use our virtual solution as part of their Dell server solutions.

Dell, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and other strategic partners all prefer Silver Peak because of our virtual strategy and software-based solutions. Unlike traditional WAN optimization that has been strictly a custom-hardware or box-based business, Silver Peak VXOA has unbundled the software from appliances so that customers have their choice of physical appliances as we have always offered, or virtual machine (VM) versions of the same technology that can run on any hypervisor and a multitude of hardware platforms. This is very interesting for a technology partner like Dell who has an interest in seeing our software run on their hardware.

With virtualization and software-based solutions for accelerating data movement over distance, customers win in the end, benefiting from major points of integration with strategic partners like Dell, EMC, and others.

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image source: flickr (andredoreto)