Swiss Army

Sometimes You CAN Have It All…

Swiss ArmyAll too often life requires compromise.  If you want dessert, cut back on the main course.  If you want functionality, you must sacrifice style.

Well, I was looking at Silver Peak’s most recent customer announcement about NCCW and saw something interesting.  This organization, which is one of the largest ASPs in the Netherlands, has a wide array of data acceleration requirements.  Yet they didn’t have to make any sacrifices by deploying Silver Peak.

With Silver Peak, NCCW is optimizing both storage and non storage traffic on a single network.  With Silver Peak, NCCW is using a perfect mix of physical and virtual appliances across their different locations.  With Silver Peak, NCCW is lowering their bandwidth costs without sacrificing network quality.

Yes, other WAN optimization solutions could have helped NCCW meet some of these objectives.  But Silver Peak handled them all.  That is the definition of true “value”, which we can all use a little more of in our lives…

Image credit: pennuja (flickr) – CC-BY-2.0