You Can't Get There from Here

Sometimes You Can’t Get There From Here

You Can't Get There from HereYou have probably heard the saying, “You can’t get there from here,” and maybe you’ve even heard the song of the same name by R.E.M. I’ve experienced this many times when traveling in cities for the first time. I’m convinced I am traveling in the right direction, on the correct road, but somehow I end up at the wrong place, or eventually get there late and frustrated.

Like many people reading this blog, I have experienced this when trying to get to a particular website, or download a video, or access some other type of content on the Internet. I get page errors. Or I wait, for what seems like forever, to get a page that agonizingly appears over a few minutes. Most times, I just quit and move on to something else.

In an enterprise setting, if I were responsible for providing the content or applications and this was happening to my business, you can be sure I would find a fix. I would have invested too much time and money only to waste productivity for my employees, and potentially lose customers this way. My brand would be too important to get a reputation for poor service.

I’ve Been There I Know the Way

For many organizations, the fix is wide area network (WAN) optimization. WAN optimization can significantly improve daily business operations that remote users rely on to access applications and download content over the network.

Unfortunately, organizations with employees, partners and contractors that send large electronic files between offices continually deal with file transmission delays. Engineering firms and architects are good examples of companies that transfer large computer-aided design (CAD) files on a daily basis. Graphic design and advertising agencies that send graphic files to customers and remote creative personnel are another example. Healthcare organizations send X-rays and MRI files from hospitals and imaging centers to physician clinics and even doctor’s home offices for evaluation.

However, WAN optimization is not limited to these firms. Any organization that uses Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and other standard office applications routinely send files to remote personnel for editing and collaboration.

WAN optimization can save valuable time, provide more available bandwidth and enable greater overall user productivity. If you are looking for a network solution to help remote employees, partners and customers get to their applications and content faster, look into WAN optimization.

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