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Speeding vCloud Air Performance By 25x

Nevro Corp logoWhen Nevro Corp. needed to accelerate data to and from VMware’s vCloud, they looked to Silver Peak to provide a secure, scalable solution to maximize performance and speed critical business operations.

As a medical device company, Nevro Corp. required a secure platform that was able to meet the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements. After choosing and installing VMware’s vCloud® Air™ platform, Nevro turned to Silver Peak for a VMware-recommended solution to facilitate multi-site, end user access to vCloud Air.

“Performance pretty much went atomic once we initiated Silver Peak, especially in the area of data transfer.”

–Jeff Wilson, Nevro Corp IT director

A young company with employees both in Europe and the United States, Nevro’s drastic transfer speed improvements once a Silver Peak solution was in place allowed it to use its existing network connection more effectively, without the need for costly connection upgrades.  “Our upload speeds for a 572MB video file went from 4 megabits per second to 100-plus megabits per second once we added Silver Peak,” said Jeff Wilson, IT director for Nevro Corp., “and the solution has provided invaluable scalability and performance. It erased any fears we may have had about moving our data to the cloud.”

Following a simple Silver Peak integration, Nevro achieved up to a 25X improvement in transfer speeds, making it possible for Nevro to quickly migrate its tertiary active directory, Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), distribution and file servers to the cloud, as well as a legacy financial system and two programmer databases. “Silver Peak has been an instrumental partner in helping us accelerate data mobility for our VMware vCloud environment,” said Wilson.

Nevro is also evaluating Silver Peak’s new Unity solution in addition to its vCloud acceleration.  Unity is an groundbreaking wide area network (WAN) fabric that unifies public cloud and enterprise WANs by correlating internet ‘weather’ information to intelligently route traffic. By selecting a secure, optimal path, Unity allows network managers to control and monitor SaaS and IaaS connectivity, ensuring consistent performance.