Steria Speeds apps with Silver Peak

Steria Accelerates Data to 80 Sites in 12 Countries

Steria Speeds apps with Silver PeakAs one of the leading IT services companies in Europe, Steria requires rapid delivery of data and network services to 80 global locations in 12 countries. As its business grew and data volumes increased, Steria understood that upgrading bandwidth to all of its locations would not cost-effectively address the company’s long term goals and would not overcome the adverse impact of long distance, shared wide area network (WAN) connections.

To find the best solution, Steria conducted a detailed analysis of the functionality and performance of various WAN optimization providers. Steria found Silver Peak was the ideal fit to meet the company’s global requirements of quality, performance, and cost.

Silver Peak was ultimately selected because of the software-based approach to network optimization that gives Steria flexibility to deploy virtual or hardware solutions with equal performance, features, and functionality. While Steria deploys Silver Peak physical appliances today, the company is very interested in Silver Peak’s Software-for-Life upgrade program that allows Steria to convert its hardware WAN optimization licenses to software as the company transitions to virtualization.

“The Silver Peak solution is highly innovative and provides multiple optimization techniques to any of our applications,” said Frédéric Sangiorgio, program director, global networks services division, Steria. “The solution delivers extremely high performance that allows us to deliver improved application performance to our users.”

Steria also selected Silver Peak based on the company’s global operations and Silver Peak’s responsive support organization. Working with local Silver Peak integrator Novidy’s, Steria was able to quickly implement the Silver Peak solution into the company’s existing environment. Following the installation, Silver Peak provided Steria with a dramatic improvement in network capacity and application performance without having to upgrade its WAN connections.

“Silver Peak has a full understanding of our priorities in terms of procurement and application performance requirements,” added Sangiorgio.  “It can often be complicated to implement a new solution in multiple countries, but with Silver Peak, we have one single supplier who delivers unmatched performance and is capable of meeting our international requirements.”