Serving up free virtual WAN optimization

Talking Turkey about Centralizing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Serving up free virtual WAN optimizationAmong the many things Silver Peak VX-Xpress user “Kosin.s” was thankful for last week was WAN optimization!

This IT administrator manages a network environment where Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager is setup in the data center as a parent server, and at the branch, another Protection Manager serves as a “child server” where updates are downloaded from the parent. Client computers connect to the child server to receive definition and policy updates.

The original reason this topology was used was to avoid flooding the link, however, there was still a database replication (SQL) involved, which contained configuration and log files of those two Symantec servers. So what, you say? It took way too long to replicate parent server updates across the network.

Kosin.s now has virtual WAN optimization in place with Silver Peak VX-Xpress, and is able to directly connect the client to the parent server over the long-distance wide area network. Definition updates are downloaded just once to one client site. Changes affect the client computer almost immediately, and changes are not held up by excessive replication time between the child and parent servers.

This new approach also eliminates the need for  CPU/memory resources in the branch, as well as Symantec and SQL licenses in the branch.

The optimization rate is 12.5 times faster! A win-win for everyone!

Another benefit for Kosin.s:  he surely had more time for turkey and football on Thanksgiving!