Tell Us About Your Craziest Help Desk Request and Win $100

We are so thrilled to be a part of Spiceworks, the fast-growing global community of IT professionals, that we are kicking off our participation with a contest!

Just post the craziest help desk request you’ve ever received on our Discuss tab on Spiceworks between now and February 28th. Maybe it was the user who thought the CD-ROM drive was a cupholder. Or perhaps it was the kindly old gentleman who asked if there was a spray he could purchase to rid his computer of viruses. Or the government employee who called for support but couldn’t tell you anything about the problem because “that’s classified.”

On February 29th, we will pick three finalists and leave it to you, the Spiceworks community, to vote on the winning entry. The author of the winning entry will receive a $100 Best Buy gift card.Spiceworks

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