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The Downside of Success

crowd silver peakMany of us have experienced the crowd madness of after-Thanksgiving sales. The stores are quite successful in their marketing lures and amazing deals, but less capable in managing the sheer volume of stampeding consumers.

Similarly, many websites have drawn large numbers of users because of an event or promotion but have neglected to prepare the site for the onslaught of traffic, overwhelming the network – and causing it to crash.

Real success requires taking the proper measures to plan and manage your business; preparing for large traffic volumes, whether unanticipated or planned.

Unfortunately, networks face many additional challenges beyond traffic overwhelming a bandwidth-limited network, which is akin to a large mass of people crowding a physical storefront. Other factors to consider are the distance between the users and the data centers that are delivering the applications; application and network protocols that add up to thousands of additional transaction turns that prevent, or slow other traffic; and requests for the same content over and over again that make inefficient use of bandwidth and server resources.

WAN optimization solutions provide some of the most important technologies in helping organizations align their network infrastructure with their business objectives – their ability to plan and manage application delivery and user traffic to keep their traffic moving fast and reliably, even during times of unexpectedly high volumes.

WAN optimizers solve problems related to bandwidth-constrained, high-latency networks, and content delivery inefficiencies. They speed traffic from the data center to end-users requesting content and downloading files. These solutions use optimization techniques such as compression, de-duplication, QoS/traffic shaping and caching to significantly reduce the amount of data going over the network, reducing bandwidth consumption and increasing application performance.

The more advanced WAN optimization solutions, like Silver Peak’s, help overcome network latency to safely extend the distance of networks by improving data quality using Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Packet Order Correction (POC) to overcome dropped and out-of-order packets.

These advanced WAN optimization technologies help organizations that are dealing with network challenges to reliably support more users and deliver more applications – fast.

Consider how WAN optimization can enable your organization to successfully and smoothly navigate and enforce any crowd control issue, while ensuring fast and reliable delivery.

Image source: flickr (James Cridland)