Riverbed gives screwdrivers away

Tired of being screwed by Riverbed?

riverbed-screwdriver-giveawaySomething came across my screen today that I just had to share.

In Riverbed’s latest Connections newsletter, the company was giving away free Riverbed screwdrivers to anyone who shared, “Liked,” or tweeted an article they were promoting.

A screwdriver? Really? I mean, what message is that sending to existing customers and potential new customers? Well, here are some possible examples…all of which might apply:

  • “Our Steelheads are big and clunky, and need to be taken apart regularly, so here’s a free screwdriver to help.”
  • “You’re about due for your three-year hardware refresh, so take this screwdriver and start un-racking your out-dated Steelheads so we can ship you more expensive gear that will also become out-dated.”
  • “Virtual is the future, and because we’ve been late to the game with virtual products, please distract yourself by playing with this screwdriver at your desk.”

I guess we can’t be too surprised by this. Riverbed has been pushing a hardware model for years. In fact, they bank on it, driving customers to refresh their appliances every three years or so. That’s money they count on.

With Silver Peak, it’s all about software and virtual. No screwdrivers, no custom hardware, no forced refresh. Just you, your mouse and some license keys that get you accelerating applications in minutes.

But if you did receive a Riverbed screwdriver, here’s what you can do:

Walk into your CFO’s office and tell him/her that you’ll be using this screwdriver to lower your WAN costs by 20-50% by un-racking your expensive Riverbed gear and replacing it with Silver Peak software. Then, mail us your Riverbed screwdriver we’ll send you a gift you’ll want to use, like a gift card to your local restaurant.

After all, which screwdriver would you rather be holding at five o’clock?

Which screwdriver

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  • loneturtle

    So Silverpeak does not sell any hardware any more? 

    • WANspeak

      Silver Peak sells both physical and virtual (software) products.

  • RiverbedUser

    I happen to love those Riverbed screwdrivers. I’ve been using the ones that came with my steelheads for years now. I wish I had more. Haha.