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Top Ten Enterprise IT Predictions for 2015

Number 10:

Expensive branch office routers, servers, switches and storage will continue consolidation into the datacenter, reducing the need for expensive branch office infrastructure and thus reducing wiring messes.

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Number 9:

Even more applications and services will be deployed in the cloud further obscuring where our data lives and what is the best route to get to it.

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Number 8:

More businesses will use the Internet to connect their branches and reduce connectivity costs while increasing bandwidth and speeding deployment.

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Number 7:

The Internet of Things will continue to grow and place even more load onto already saturated, complex networks by connecting everything from refrigerators to our shoes.

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Number 6:

The IT team will continue to be asked to do more projects with the same or less resources requiring greater levels of automation from their network and software vendors.

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Number 5:

4G LTE will be used for more than just connecting your smartphone or tablet. More businesses are relying on LTE connections for just-in-time site bring up, and as a reliable backup link that can’t be disrupted by your local utility’s excavator.

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Number 4:

Your users and network guests will continue to perform large device and BYOD software updates across your corporate WAN, stretching what little bandwidth is available for critical applications.

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Number 3:

Online drive services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and Dropbox will continue allowing your precious corporate data to disappear into the ether.

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Number 2:

Some market leading vendors will continue to resist these monumental changes in IT.

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And finally…

Did we mention that wiring will still probably be a mess?

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