Veeam Replication: Solving a Failure to Communicate

In last week’s “Cool Deployment” post, we featured a 14-year-old using Silver Peak VX-Xpress to speed the delivery of online gaming software. This week, we disprove the old saying, “Silence is Golden.”

An IT consultant, SSBrendan, recently helped a client utilizing Veeam Replication to replicate virtual machines between Texas and Georgia over a long-distance WAN with VX-Xpress.

Not only was the replication hindered by the fact that the servers in Texas were connected via a poor quality cable modem with a 1.8Mbps upload rate, but also it was compounded by the fact that, during the day, the client had to throttle back the connection to 100Kbps to avoid degrading users’ application access. Ouch! Talk about a “party line.”

Prior to VX-Xpress, the Veeam software would fail the job since the WAN connection was inconsistent and the footprint would never complete. With Silver Peak VX-Xpress, the jobs not only complete, but do so with significantly better throughput, which now registers 3x acceleration of the 1.8Mbps low-quality WAN.

SSBrendan commented about VX-Xpress, “The workload in question in not particularly dedupable, so this is a great result, especially for the horrible link quality.”

For a next step, SSBrendan is trying to move their client to 4Mbps upload speed to maximize the benefits of VX-Xpress.

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