Who's Who - Duncan Epping

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Duncan Epping

Who's Who - Duncan EppingWho is he?

If VMware bloggers could elect a god, Duncan Epping would probably be it. His blog, Yellow Bricks, has been recognized as the #1 virtualization blog by vSphereland.com since 2009. His 17,600 Twitter followers is only bested by Scott Lowe among virtualization bloggers. Duncan was a founding member of the VMware EVO:RAIL team and today works for VMware’s Office of CTO.

Where can you find him?

Duncan blogs over at Yellow Bricks and can be found on Twitter at @DuncanYB. He co-authored numerous books including “Essential Virtual SAN,” “vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive,” and Cloud Computing with VMware vCloud Director.

Why we like him?

If you want to learn about new developments from VMware, you want to follow Duncan. He routinely provides deep insight some of the newest additions to vSphere and whatever he’s not writing personally, he’ll gather for you. Check out his posts on VSAN, for example. His series on vSphere High Availability is thorough and insightful.

What’s he thinking about?

VSAN for one. His post “What is coming for vSphere and VSAN? VMworld reveals…” pulls together the latest changes to VSAN and vSphere environment in general. He explains in “Project Fargo aka VMFork – What is it?” how VMware will allow IT to clone a running VM in a matter of seconds (today that same process takes minute). And in “Underlying Infrastructure for your pets and cattle” Duncan weighs in on a question raised by Maish Saidel-Keesing.

(What? Don’t know the connection between farm animals and IT? Gavin McCance can be blamed for that one. See slide 17 of this presentation.)

Outside of work?

Outside of work he prefers to spend time with the family, visiting museums or going to the zoo, and running. He likes to run 10K and 15K races, and just recently started doing half marathons. “Running is a nice way of unwinding, you don’t need much just your shoes and off you go,” he says.

This post is one in an occasional series of posts introducing the top names in virtual networking.