Virtual open architecture for WAN optimization anywhere

Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) InfographicWAN optimization is now vital to all aspects of a distributed network. Gone are the days when WAN optimization was only required to address the issues of a handful of problem WAN connections.

Today, major IT initiatives such as data center consolidation, cloud computing, virtualization, and disaster recovery share a common theme — and a common challenge:  They all rely on a wide area network (WAN) infrastructure plagued with bandwidth limitations, latency and packet loss.

This has driven a need for more flexible WAN optimization that can be cost-effectively deployed across an entire private or public network—from the cloud to the data center to the branch.

But the legacy model of proprietary, fixed hardware-based offerings cannot service this evolving market because the offerings are tightly bound to underlying hardware in a closed architecture, thereby limiting deployment flexibility and scalability.

The rapid adoption of “virtualization” has changed this, and the presence of under-utilized computing resources within the network has opened the door for enabling WAN optimization on any hardware platform across the network.

Silver Peak has fully embraced virtualization and today revolutionizes the delivery, pricing and deployment options for WAN optimization with our Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture, or VXOA.

VXOA is based on the underlying software that powers our entire family of Silver Peak NX, VX, and VRX products. So whether you deploy our multi-Gigabit NX-10k physical appliance or our 4 Mbps VX-1000 virtual appliance, you’re
getting the same data cente- class software. It’s this software that makes it easy for Silver Peak VXOA to run on any hypervisor, any server, any router blade…any platform that meets the minimum system requirements.

It doesn’t end there. We have taken this a step further and now offer you the most competitive pricing and licensing options for deploying WAN optimization on any platform. This includes new subscription or “pay as you go” pricing, which allows you to avoid larger up-front capital costs and pay for only what you need as an annual operating expense. And enables you to break free from the expensive hardware refresh cycles forced by other vendors.

Silver Peak offers you investment protection — or “pay as you grow” pricing — allowing you to start small and upgrade to higher-capacity appliances as your network demands dictate. You only pay the difference between the smaller and larger licenses when upgrading.

Silver Peak VXOA breaks customers free from the dependency on proprietary hardware and vendor-dictated hardware refresh cycles. With VXOA, we give you more choice and flexibility to achieve the
highest-capacity and most cost-effective WAN performance for all applications in any environment.