Virtual WANop Marketplace exceeds 20,000 downloads

Virtual WAN Optimization Marketplace Exceeds 20,000 Downloads

Virtual WANop Marketplace exceeds 20,000 downloadsIt’s becoming more evident that the market has a strong preference for virtual WAN acceleration technology. Virtual is a win-win in terms of making it easier for customers to access and deploy WAN optimization technology, and with advancements in hypervisor technology, performance levels are now as good as or better than hardware.  This translates into costs savings and allows customers to avoid the expensive and all-too-frequent vendor-imposed hardware refresh.

Today, Silver Peak further proved the power of virtualization with our virtual marketplace exceeding 20,000 downloads. This highlights the continued demand for our software-based solutions that simplify and lower the costs for accelerating wide area networks (WANs).  A recent study conducted by Silver Peak also found that, when given the choice between physical or virtual WAN acceleration in the branch office, the vast majority of IT professionals surveyed (81.6%) indicated they prefer virtual.

The Silver Peak virtual marketplace was first introduced a year ago and is the first-of-its-kind in the WAN optimization market.  It provides anyone with instant access to free, self-service trials of Silver Peak’s broad portfolio of virtual solutions.  The Silver Peak software solutions deliver multi-gigabit performance and run on all standard hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and KVM.

In a recent product review conducted by the InfoWorld Test Center, Silver Peak was proven to pack “superior WAN optimization into a virtual machine.” The review concluded that “regardless of the link speed and latency, the [Silver Peak] VX optimized WAN traffic as well as or better than a comparable physical chassis” from Riverbed.

Customer adoption of virtual WAN optimization is on the rise.

According to Justin Jongbloedt, senior manager of network and Microsoft services for Gander Mountain, “The Silver Peak virtual products give us unmatched performance, pricing and deployment flexibility for optimizing our data centers and distributed network of stores.”

Charlie Pope, IT manager for Coastal Beverage Company, said, “We were able to quickly download, implement and test the Silver Peak software without requiring any assistance from Silver Peak. We enjoyed the benefit of seeing actual optimization results within the virtual environment, without making any upfront commitments.”

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