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Virtual WANop and Avaya Alliance

virtual wan optimizationSilver Peak broke new ground in the WAN Optimization industry today with the announcement of its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), a combination of software and flexible pricing options that enable customers, partners, and service providers to deploy WAN optimization more conveniently than ever.

VXOA takes the underlying software that is used to power the entire family of Silver Peak NX, VX, and VRX WAN optimization products and introduces a new software development kit (SDK), an application programming interface (API), and new pricing options to facilitate WAN optimization deployments on a wide variety of industry-standard hardware platforms and hypervisors. This allows for tight integration with third-party hardware, including stand-alone servers, blades, storage arrays, and routers. The result? A flexible and highly-customizable solution for widespread WAN optimization deployments.

In conjunction with the announcement of our new architecture, Avaya also announced today the availability of Silver Peak’s VX family of virtual WAN optimization appliances on the Avaya Secure Router (SR) 4134. The integrated solution optimizes the performance of enterprise voice, video, and unified communications (UC), and ensures that remote users have fast and reliable access to all centralized applications. It will allow customers to reduce IT complexity by simplifying equipment needs in their branch and remote offices and help them improve employee productivity by enhancing the performance of enterprise-wide business applications. Avaya’s integration of Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions on routers  demonstrates that virtual WAN optimization can be deployed anywhere

The Silver Peak VX-series virtual WAN optimization appliances are easily deployed and managed on the Avaya Secure Router 4134 Server Module. The Silver Peak virtual appliances overcome WAN bandwidth challenges while at the same time improving remote office user experiences with other applications running over a shared WAN. These applications can include video, voice/VoIP, VDI, and other cloud-based applications. By accelerating branch traffic at the IP layer, Silver Peak can help distributed enterprises optimize all applications running over the WAN.

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