VMWorld booth

VMworld Survey Reveals Virtual’s Reality

VMWorld boothWe’ve been busy at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas the last few days, introducing our new free, fully functional VX-Xpress WAN optimization solution, and the world’s highest capacity virtual WAN optimization appliance, the VRX-8.

Throngs of show attendees flooded our booth, and while we had a captive audience, we conducted a little survey around the interest and growth in virtualization. All told, 359 people completed the survey and our resident research director tells us that is statistically projectable to the entire attendance at the show, so we thought we’d share what we found:

  • A little more than 70% of those surveyed said that they are using virtualization in their branch offices and an overwhelming 96.4% are using it in their data centers already!
  • Not surprisingly, well over 95% are using VMware for their hypervisors, with Citrix trailing at 14%; 10% for Microsoft; and just under 4% for KVM.
  • Our product development people will be pleased to hear that more than one in four (79%) of those surveyed, when given a choice, would prefer virtual WAN optimization to physical in the branch office. Roughly the same percentage — 74.4% — would prefer it in the data center.
  • Finally, confirming both the strong virtualization movement and the increasing need for WAN optimization, respondents told us that more than half (59%) of all their applications are already virtualized and that they expect that number to grow to more than three-quarters (78%) of all applications in two years.