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VX-Xpress Surpasses 1,000 Downloads in One Week!

Silver Peak VX-Xpress logoIt’s hard to believe it’s been just over one week since we launched the VX-Xpress ( at VMworld in Las Vegas.  There is always so much excitement and nervousness surrounding the launch of any new product, particularly when it’s something radically new and game-changing like the VX-Xpress is for the WAN optimization market.

The great news is that interest continues to build and the results are stunning: 1,300+ downloads in just over one week!

Let’s recap: The Silver Peak VX-Xpress is the first free, fully-functional virtual WAN optimization appliance. It optimizes two-node networks with up to 4 Mbps of WAN capacity, and is perfect for site-to-site applications such as replication for disaster recovery, file sharing, SharePoint, unified communications, and many others.

Some people might be wary of “the catch” with free products. Well, rest-assured, with the VX-Xpress, there are no gimmicks or strings attached to this product. VX-Xpress is a free fully-functional product that doesn’t expire.

And while we are extremely proud of the product, we are equally excited about the new User Forum that is available to registered users on the VX-Xpress site. At, you can find answers to commonly asked questions, and interact with other users and Silver Peak product managers to share experiences and success stories with our products. We encourage you to keep sharing your experiences and questions in the forum.

Whether you are new to WAN optimization or new to Silver Peak, the VX-Xpress is a “must-see.”

The VX-Xpress Team

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