VX-Xpress Satellite Optimization

VX-Xpress: Promoting World Connectedness

VX-Xpress Satellite OptimizationIn our last two posts, we have accomplished the improbable; we demonstrated that teens and adults can agree on something — that Silver Peak VX-Xpress can significantly improve network performance.

This week, I want to build on the “Cool Deployment” post from last week, which illustrated how VX-Xpress improved performance between networks in Texas and Atlanta, to discuss a VX-Xpress deployment connecting remote data centers worldwide.

The user, Richard, notes that his network includes multiple 1Mbps satellite links connected through IPSec tunnels. Before he downloaded VX-Xpress, the network suffered as much as 600ms of latency, creating difficulties uploading and downloading data from the remote sites.

His team tested VX-Xpress to gauge improvements in SQL replication and HTTP/S with the goal of creating a backup website from an existing remote site in the event the company’s main website went down.

For the trial, Richard’s team deployed two VX-Xpress virtual machines on both sides of a 1Mbps satellite link. To date, with SQL, they have seen a 65-70 percent reduction in bandwidth and a ratio of approximately 3-7x.

The team also tested HTTP performance, more specifically how VX-Xpress handled encrypted HTTPS traffic. The test included one webserver on one side of the satellite link and the client on the other.

The team wanted to test caching and optimization with the hope of hosting the website at a remote site, but having all the data cached in the VX-Xpress unit to accelerate loading of pages and to save bandwidth. The test resulted in up to a 40x ratio and massive bandwidth savings.

Still not convinced, Richard and his team wanted to see if they could earn similar results with encrypted HTTPS traffic. With a multi-SAN certificate securing multiple websites on the server, the team loaded this certificate onto both VX-Xpress units and received similar results to the HTTP trial. LAN data transferred was slightly higher on the HTTPS pages, but with the same compression ratio.

In an update a few days later, Richard added that his team is experiencing consistently strong reductions in bandwidth. With SQL, they are seeing a 75-80 percent reduction– about a 5.0x ratio.

Richard closed by noting that Silver Peak’s VX-Xpress has changed his way of thinking about what is possible over his company’s satellite links.  Can world peace be far behind?