WAN Critical for Emerging Data Center Initiatives

Every organization wants to save on costs and be more efficient and flexible. With the aim of achieving that goal, many are seeking out new and developing data center initiatives. The desire for scalable and on-demand capacity is particularly prevalent and as a consequence, companies making the move to cloud computing and virtualization for example are becoming increasingly common.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as that. All these initiatives depend on the network and when insufficient bandwidth, long distances or poor quality connections are involved, they simply cannot operate efficiently. Without the necessary wide area network infrastructure, these initiatives won’t be worth the expenditure and could actually result in inefficiency and rising costs. Eradicating these obstacles and optimizing the WAN is essential to enable smooth use of these initiatives and to allow companies to capitalize on their investments.

Here in Europe, we are starting to see real growth in these markets and that’s good news for resellers. Having recently expanded our channel program in EMEA, partners have a great opportunity to help organizations make these kinds of wider decisions on what initiatives they require and how best they can implement them.