WAN Optimization Easy Enough for a 14-year-old

Team-Fortress-2One of the exciting benefits of offering a free, fully-functional virtual WAN optimization appliance is hearing about the cool and interesting uses people find for the product. What better way to capture these than with a “Cool Deployments” forum!

Among the early implementations, a 14-year-old user by the name “igelman” suggested a great use for the VX-Xpress.

This particular “gamer” was sitting at a computer waiting for a content update to VALVe software’s popular multiplayer shooter, Team Fortress 2, and was “dumbfounded” by the fact that no matter how many times he pressed the “Manual Update” button on the site, nothing was downloading.

So what was the problem? Quickly realizing that the update had not yet arrived at the local “mirror server” yet, even though the link was active, the young gamer quickly determined that the problem stemmed from the lengthy amount of time it took for VALVe to push out the update package, which contained only a very small change in the code from the previous software version.

Our gamer’s potential solution? If VALVe Software had a way to speed the secure distribution of game builds to their worldwide network of mirror sites across the Internet, the delivery of the updated software package could be expedited and more users would be satisfied.

According to igelman, “As soon as VX-Xpress came out, I knew this was my opportunity to test my theory.”

Read what happened next and how igelman tested the theory on the VX-Xpress Cool Deployments forum.

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    Great story – love it! 

  • Battle Asd

    Glad you can do that stuff, man.  The most I can do, and you know this, is write in LUA.  😛

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    Congrats, gelman.