Equinix Performance Hub with Silver Peak

Equinix and Silver Peak Shrink the Cloud Gap

Equinix Performance Hub with Silver PeakThe amount of enterprise user traffic going to and from cloud applications is expected to grow by 25% annually over the next three years.[1]  That’s an exciting change and a clear indicator that more businesses are turning to the cloud for cost savings and to achieve greater business agility.  But are enterprises ready for this explosion of cloud traffic?

Any uncertainty or anxiety about migrating data to the cloud or enabling software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications often centers around one concept: Can the IT organization provide users with the same quality-of-experience they are accustomed to when accessing data locally within the enterprise?

The good news is that there’s only one gap that stands between users and cloud performance – the wide area network (WAN).  The not-so-good news is that WAN requirements are changing fast because of this rapid cloud adoption.  The WAN is no longer just a point-to-point obstacle to improving email performance in the branch or transferring files faster from headquarters.

Today, the enterprise WAN might include a mesh of private lines, MPLS, and Internet VPNs.  In a remote office, you might use one type of WAN to provide access to a centralized ERP application while simultaneously using an Internet connection to provide direct connectivity to SaaS applications like Office 365 or Box.  And for disaster recovery, you could also have an encrypted link for asynchronous data replication to a remote DR site.

For many enterprises, the inherent complexity means they’ll live with performance limitations. Well today, Equinix and Silver Peak bring enterprises a step closer to the cloud with the Equinix Performance Hub™.

The Performance Hub is an extension of a company’s existing network into an Equinix data center. It allows an enterprise to connect its WAN or private cloud to the Equinix network where, from there, it can directly connect to the public cloud.  Silver Peak is excited to be partnering exclusively with Equinix to optimize enterprise data-center connectivity as part of the Performance Hub solution.

“The more enterprises move to a hybrid cloud architecture, the more we hear about the strain on network performance and how to provide a consistent quality of experience to a distributed workforce. The Equinix Performance Hub combines Silver Peak WAN optimization and the convenience of cloud access to bring users closer to business-critical data and cloud resources from anywhere in the world.” – Ihab Tarazi, CTO of Equinix.

The Performance Hub combines Silver Peak’s industry-leading WAN optimization with other data center, networking, and cloud computing elements to improve application performance and the quality of experience when extending the enterprise to a hybrid cloud environment.  With the addition of Silver Peak, enterprises can consolidate cloud connections at an Equinix Performance Hub to dramatically reduce response times for business applications. This translates into more reliable, accelerated access to SaaS applications like Office365, Salesforce.com and Google Docs.

So why did Equinix choose Silver Peak?  Our competencies in software-defined WAN optimization and virtualization make Silver Peak the perfect solution for extending enterprise connectivity to the cloud.  Equinix understands this well, and we are excited to be collaborating with them on the Performance Hub to shrink the distance between enterprise users and the cloud.

Beyond SaaS services, the Equinix Performance Hub with Silver Peak also helps enterprises reduce networking costs and choose from a wide variety of cloud and managed service providers. Performance Hub customers can also improve the responsiveness of real-time business applications such as desktop virtualization, Microsoft SharePoint, and WebEx.  And with Silver Peak’s network quality correction technologies, the IT organization can tap into more affordable network options.

[1] Cisco® Global Cloud Index (2012-2017)