wan optimization iberia

WAN Optimization for Iberian Market

wan optimization iberiaThe Iberian Peninsula, commonly called Iberia, is a peninsula located in the extreme southwest of Europe. It includes the modern-day sovereign states of Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and part of France, as well as the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Much like other emerging markets, Iberia is ripe with opportunity for businesses to improve the performance of their wide area networks (WANs).

Afina-Westcon Data Center Solutions is well aware of this. The Westcon Group, a company that specializes in data center infrastructure and virtualization solutions, has announced a partnership with Silver Peak to distribute Silver Peak’s software-defined WAN optimization solutions in Spain and Portugal.

Afina-Westcon will offer Silver Peak’s comprehensive portfolio of WAN optimization solutions to solve bandwidth, distance, and quality challenges when extending enterprise applications over a wide area network. This is also important as more organizations look to extend enterprise resources into the cloud.

“Iberia is an important market for Silver Peak that offers exciting growth potential. We were looking for a distributor who really understands the new software-defined model of WAN optimization. Westcon, with its dedicated Data Center Business Unit was able to offer us this unique mix of skills.” –Mike Hemes, vice president of EMEA sales, Silver Peak

By adding Silver Peak to the Data Center Solutions portfolio, Afina-Westcon partners will help Iberian customers to move more data, over longer distances, and in less time. This means improved performance for business-critical applications like data replication, backups, and file transfers, as well as real-time applications.

Silver Peak adds Afina-Westcon to its distribution channel to further develop, strengthen and expand the adoption of its WAN optimization solutions in Europe.