HP 5400 zl Switch

WAN Optimization on HP Switches…It’s That Simple

HP 5400 zl SwitchAt the recent VMWorld conference in Copenhagen, an HP networking solution architect going by the username “Allansh” demonstrated the power and flexibility of virtual WAN optimization that can be installed on any platform. The user incorporated the Silver Peak VX-Xpress into a demo for HP’s new Advanced Services zl Module with VMware vSphere.

Organizations that use HP’s 5400zl or 8200zl chassis-based switches can install this module, enabling IT teams to deliver local IT services without the need for a physical server. This approach allows for centralized file storage and enables improved scalability, security, availability, and back up.

In this architecture, Allansh notes that the VX-Xpress WAN optimization solution “makes great sense”, and shares the ease of his install:

After plugging the vSphere module into the 5406 switch, pointing the vSphere client at the IP address, and then a little network set-up on the ESC host and on the switch, he was set.  Deploying VX-Xpress took just 5-10 clicks through a basic menu and a few minutes of loading the image to the host.

The simplicity of the VX-Xpress install reminded him of the ghosts of past experiences trying to set up new services in branch offices – getting the right components, cabling, and power connections.

Allansh also notes that, in his configuration, there’s no need to worry about hardware support. The switch and vSphere module is covered by an HP lifetime warranty.  If there are hardware issues, HP will ship a new device the same day.

As we enter the holiday season, it’s good to know gifts come in many forms.  Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a previously complex task becoming easy!

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