Tennis athletes and WAN optimizers have a lot in common

How’s Your Serve?

Tennis athletes and WAN optimizers have a lot in common“The serve was invented so that the net could play.”  – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has obviously experienced every tennis player’s frustration – getting the ball over the net with accuracy and keeping it in play.

Typically, a tennis athlete’s serve gets more consistent and faster with lots of practice and coaching. As you can imagine, their serve is an important part of their ability to win on the court.

Compare this with the ability of an organization to serve web content and applications to remote users. Without the proper networking technologies in place as they gain expertise and become more successful, their ability to serve users may actually become slower and less reliable, challenging their ability to win in the marketplace.

WAN optimization is a strategic part of network infrastructure and is required to flexibly scale to meet growing traffic demands. Bandwidth, latency, and loss can significantly impact an organization’s ability to scale. To address these issues, data center class WAN optimizers are able to support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous user sessions.

Just as tennis athletes rely on power and intelligence to win, the WAN optimizer’s throughput capability must support multiple Mbps, and sometimes multiple Gbps, of WAN capacity, all while simultaneously handling data reduction, compression, QoS, latency, and loss mitigation.

Compounding these issues are large enterprise deployments with hundreds of applications running over their WANs, and tens of thousands, and even millions of remote users accessing them. To support all of these applications, the WAN optimizer needs to operate at the network layer in order to optimize all the applications and network protocols.

If your network is growing, and scalability is challenging your ability to support your users and applications, consider how a WAN optimizer can be the “power serve” that will help your organization win in the marketplace.