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WANop Anywhere for Anyone

vm world thumbnailContinuing our promise to deliver WAN optimization on any platform, today we announced exciting new extensions to the Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA).

In conjunction with the opening of VMWorld 2011 in Las Vegas, the leading virtualization and cloud infrastructure event of the year, Silver Peak unveiled VX-Xpress, a free and fully functional virtual appliance for optimizing site-to-site applications over the WAN. Based on VXOA, VX-Xpress is an entry-level solution that is perfect for organizations just getting started with WAN optimization or those that require a quick and easy way to optimize small, remote branch offices. You can download VX-Xpress now, free of charge, at http://www.vx-xpress.com or http://www.silver-peak.com/products/VX-Xpress.

VX-Xpress screen shotAlso announced today is an upgrade to our VRX-8 virtual WAN optimization appliance. Already the the world’s highest capacity virtual appliance based on throughput (1Gbps, 20 times greater than the leading competitor), the VRX-8 now supports up to 256,000 simultaneous user sessions and runs on most common hypervisor platforms (beyond VMware VSphere to also include Citrix XenServer and KVM). This will allow even more enterprise customers to not only optimize data center-to-data center replication for things like disaster recovery and business continuity, but also optimize branch office “fan-in” to data centers, application centralization, virtual desktop architectures (VDI) and cloud computing.

For more information on either of these products, stop by and visit Silver Peak at VMworld (Booth #764) or visit us at http://www.silver-peak.com.