Silver Peak Speeds NetApp SnapMirror Replication for WAXIE

WAXIE Sanitary Supply, an industry leader in the distribution of commercial and industrial quality sanitary and related supplies and equipment, has deployed Silver Peak’s NX appliances to to enhance the performance of its NetApp SnapMirror data replication implementation over the company’s high-latency, high-loss WAN. WAXIE becomes the latest company to leverage Silver Peak’s broad portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimization appliances to realize up to a ten-fold cost savings from decommissioning existing private-line connections and avoiding investments in larger-capacity WANs and bandwidth upgrades.

Following a thorough evaluation, WAXIE deployed the Silver Peak NX-series WAN optimization appliances. With Silver Peak enabled, WAXIE is increasing bandwidth utilization by 72% via data reduction, and is achieving a 310% performance improvement of large file-set transfer times using NetApp SnapMirror. Back-up and data replication times between San Diego, Calif. and Mesa, Ariz. have been reduced from as much as five days to a few hours.

According to Aaron Gerraughty, MIS director for WAXIE Sanitary Supply.  “Silver Peak was a great solution for us, providing instant integration with our NetApp SnapMirror implementation and helping us to avoid increased bandwidth charges.”

Thanks to Silver Peak, WAXIE is able to overcome the challenge of ever-increasing data storage traversing a constrained, lower-quality multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) WAN.