Is Your Website Keeping up with Your Business?

Is Your Website Keeping Up With Your BusinessKeep up or crash. Any surfer will tell you that. These images highlight the fact that organizations without the proper support for their networked applications and websites, and who rely on them for business and communications face many potential problems – not unlike this poor surfer caught unprepared.

For virtually any organization to be successful, they need to stay ahead of the wave, and their network must stay ahead of problems that can adversely impact application delivery. It’s important to prepare for large traffic volumes (expected or unanticipated) by having the ability to flexibly scale network infrastructure to meet any demand. There are many elements that can cause application delivery problems, from complex and bandwidth-consuming applications, to network latency and large traffic serges.

WAN optimizers are key solutions to solving problems with network reliability, performance and scalability. Below are just a few factors that need to be considered when choosing a WAN optimizer:

  • Is it easy to deploy and manage?
  • Does it support a virtualized environment?
  • Will it support all your applications out-of-the-box?
  • Is it scalable?
  • What is the performance capacity?
  • Does it go beyond optimization and provide network reliability?

Central management is important to easily facilitate day-to-day administrative tasks across a distributed network. Access Control Lists (ACLs) and other authentication policies are required to administer WAN optimizers so they can be centrally configured and have their policies enforced.Is Your Website Keeping Up

Virtual WAN optimizers simplify installation and configuration, and lower maintenance costs associated with running complex software. They offer flexible and cost-effective options for deployment across the entire enterprise network – on any platform by leveraging standard CPUs, general-purpose hardware, and standard hypervisors.

There is a fundamental difference between application-specific and non-application specific WAN optimizers. Non-application specific WAN optimizers like Silver Peak’s are network-based, and able to handle all applications that run over IP, such as TCP, UDP, RDP, VoIP, and others.

Large enterprises with hundreds-of-thousands of flows need to keep up with the huge demands from remote users. Without the proper WAN optimizer they can easily become overwhelmed. These organizations need high-capacity WAN optimization that can support many thousands of simultaneous sessions.

WAN optimizers typically offer de-duping, caching and compression that squeeze more bandwidth into WAN links. However, it’s also important to make sure applications get delivered reliably. Network congestion occurs when a network link carries excessive packets that deteriorate the quality of service, causing problems such as queuing delays, lost and out of order packets and preventing new connections. Advanced WAN optimizers combat this with Forward Error Correction to fix bit errors to improve application performance, and Packet Order Correction to avoid re-transmissions when packets arrive out-of-order.

If you are looking for help in keeping up with the wave of success your organization is having, make sure you invest in a WAN optimization solution that will enable you to successfully ride the crest of the wave.