WANop Price Performance Audi A4

What’s the Real Value of WANop Price/Performance?

Value, as it reWANop Price Performance Audi A4lates to WAN optimization, is the combined benefit of an efficient network infrastructure and the economics of managing and growing a business.

Performance value represents the WAN optimization product’s ability to deliver maximum throughput capacity, network reliability, faster application delivery and more optimal bandwidth utilization. When you divide the cost savings and business benefits by the cost of the WANop product, you get the product’s price/performance value.

Most WANop solutions provide acceleration, data reduction and basic traffic shaping capabilities. But, when it comes to real price/performance value, WANop solutions that go beyond these basic capabilities and deliver network reliability, high scalability, and ease of deployment and management, dramatically raise the price/performance ratio.

Let’s face it, the value of delivering applications faster, and reducing data over the network is somewhat limited if the data doesn’t arrive at its destination, or is corrupted when it arrives. Advanced WAN optimization products will overcome dropped and out-of-order packets going over long distant networks by using Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Packet Order Correction (POC) to improve data quality, and enable successful transactions.

When it comes to value, virtualization makes it easy to provision high-capacity, high-functionality WAN optimization to support application delivery and data migration. By supporting any hypervisor, Silver Peak’s WANop can be deployed in any data center, on any platform (e.g. routers, switches, servers, blades and storage arrays).

Then there’s the value behind subscription-based pricing. For example, a virtual WAN optimization appliance can be easily decommissioned at the end of a short-term data migration project — or it can remain in place to support ongoing strategic projects.

Beyond these capabilities, price/performance value must also take into account the usefulness of the WANop solution across all of your applications, rather than just a few. This is where a network-based WANop product excels over application-based WANop products. If you think about it, would you buy a car that could only take you to work and the store? Or, would you find greater value in a car that could take you anywhere you wanted to go?

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is that familiar term that determines your overall price/performance value ratio. A low cost of ownership means that your WANop solution greatly improves your application delivery, makes your network more reliable and provides flexible scaling of your network infrastructure at a highly affordable cost – maximum benefits with minimum expenditure. Enterprises of all sizes are able to support a greater number of users and applications, without having to add more bandwidth to support them. This ability affords a greater overall cost of ownership benefit, while improving networks to enhance application delivery, reliability and flexible scalability.