ketchup pouring fast

When You Expect Fast But You Get Slow

ketchup pouring fastMost of us have pummeled the bottom of a reluctant ketchup bottle; waiting impatiently for the tangy, red condiment to flow onto our plate or burger.

That’s similar to the frustration users feel when they try to download an application or web page, but have to wait, and wait, and wait! They might tap on the table or move the mouse around hoping that if the cursor moves fast enough it will somehow make the page load faster. But, we all know that’s not the solution; it’s just impatience.

Unlike that sluggish bottle of ketchup that you can coax with a tap on the back of the bottle or insert a knife inside to get things moving, users experiencing slow network performance can only lose patience and go to another website — or cancel a transaction — to get relief. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor productivity, in the case of employees, or potentially lost revenue in the case of lost purchasing transactions.

The solution to this problem is to have the proper networking technologies in place to ensure that web transactions, file downloads, transfers and page loads happen quickly and reliably. WAN optimizers are the best solution for this. They overcome problems caused by latency that adversely impacts traffic over long distances. They reduce excess traffic caused by unnecessary, redundant data and the many TCP sessions and HTTP connection turns that add network overhead.

WAN optimizers speed responses to remote users requesting content and downloading files using techniques, such as compression, de-duplication and caching, to increase application performance. They use QoS/traffic shaping to control and optimize application delivery and overcome network congestion by allowing more traffic onto network links to provide the most effective use of available bandwidth.

Consider the somewhat comical comparison between network bandwidth and ketchup. They are both designed to flow at certain rates of speed. Yet both can be impeded by elements that congest and slow their delivery.

You need a tool in your arsenal to overcome these impediments. May I recommend you choose WAN optimizers that are fast, highly scalable and reliable? And because they are available as software and virtual WANop appliances, they can be very affordable and extremely flexible.

Image source: flickr (the justified sinner)