How about a White Label SD-WAN-AS-A-SERVICE?

October 18th marked the beginning of an innovative new business model for delivering managed SD-WAN services to enterprises. This week, Fujitsu and Silver Peak announced a partnership to deliver an SD-WAN-as-a-service offering that combines the expertise of Fujitsu’s SDN/NFV managed network services with the enterprise-grade Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WANSP solution into a pay-as-you grow business model targeting enterprise clients. This “white label” managed service offering enables service providers to rapidly launch a turnkey managed SD-WAN service without time, resource and investment of designing and deploying a home-grown service offering of their own.

In this new model, Fujitsu manages all operational aspects of the managed SD-WAN service on behalf of their service provider partners, and FNC supports the implementation directly from their NOC. This eliminates the service provider CAPEX investment and operational cost to create and launch a new managed service, and allows the service provider to focus their resources on marketing and selling the new managed SD-WAN service to their enterprise clients. The Fujitsu SDN/NFV consulting practice works with service providers to develop their go-to-market strategy and customize the managed SD-WAN service options, resulting in a unique offering and includes white label branding of the service.

Telecom service providers have seen this “white label” business model succeed in another market segment—the mobile services market. The same concepts can be applied here. FNC assumes associated with ensuring that the managed SD-WAN service is designed to enable network and application SLAs, similar to a mobile MVNO service. FNC selected the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution because of its flexible architecture and enterprise-grade features that optimize the performance and availability of application across the WAN, along with the ability to offer tiered SD-WAN services.

Beyond accelerating the ability to launch a new managed SD-WAN service, one of the biggest benefits for service providers of Fujitsu’s new SD-WAN-as-a-Service offering is that the Fujitsu consultants integrate the SD-WAN management into the service provider’s OSS applications and web portals by leveraging the Silver Peak REST APIs. This makes for a seamless third-party orchestration and OSS/BSS integration and accelerates time-to-service. The Fujitsu NOC provides 24x7x365 lifecycle management as well as streamlined, multi-tenant subscriber management via Silver Peak Unity OrchestratorSP.

The SD-WAN-as-a-Service brings immediate value to enterprise clients by enabling them to utilize existing WAN connectivity from any existing service provider. The service also supports additional value add revenue streams such as WAN optimization-as-service. With zero-touch provisioning of physical or virtual SD-WAN Edges service providers can eliminate costly truck rolls and dramatically simplify their IT operations.

Roopa Honnachari, industry director, business communication services and cloud computing, Frost & Sullivan commented, “As SD-WAN continues to gain momentum among geographically distributed enterprises, SD-WAN-as-a-Service is proving well suited for organizations that prefer a turnkey service in contrast to a DIY approach.”

As managed SD-WAN-as-a-service offerings evolve, new features and new tiered service capabilities will be rolled out in the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution that FNC can incorporate into their service offerings to help service providers better monetize their managed services to enterprise clients. This new FNC SD-WAN-as-a-service provides a range unique benefits to service providers that include:

  • The ability to rapidly respond to enterprise demand for managed SD-WAN services
  • A pay-as-you-go business model
  • Flexibility to offer incremental tiered software service offerings
  • A robust and evolving technology foundation for ongoing service differentiation

Through this partnership and innovative approach to bringing white label managed SD-WAN services to the masses, it will accelerate that service provider’s ability to rapidly bring new services to market and address the burgeoning demand from enterprise clients to embrace the cloud and an application-driven WAN edge.


SD-WAN-as-a-Service is proving well suited for organizations that prefer a turnkey service in contrast to a DIY approach