Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Cody Bunch

CodyBunchCody Bunch is a private cloud/virtualization architect, VMware vExpert, and VMware VCP from San Antonio, Tx.  He works as a private Principal Architect, Private Cloud at Rackspace Hosting.

Where can you find him?

Cody’s probably best known for his work on the #vBrownBag podcast at ProfessionalVMware. He’s the author of several books including OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook 2nd Edition and Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator.  Additionally, he was the technical editor on Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell and VMware VI and vSphere SDK: Managing the VMware Infrastructure and vSphere.

Why we like him?

Yes, Cody has deep insights into OpenStack, vSphere and more, but what really sets him apart from other bloggers is his work behind the scenes. The #vBrownBag podcast is actually a series of recorded Webinars where some of the leading VMware thinkers explain the ins and outs of VMware. It’s a must visit for anyone studying to be a VMware Certified Professional (VCP). He’s also helped arrange a pre-VMworld mini-conference this August where, as he puts it, we’ll “spend half a day in whiteboard/panel discussions with a huge selection of folks from across the board in technology. No slides, no agenda, just hardcore tech.” (More information on this event can be found on the ProfessionalVMWare site.)

What’s he thinking about?

There are lots and lots of technologies out there grabbing his attention, at this point the ones on Cody’s short list are:

  • OpenStack: The why on this one is too much to list, he says. “Suffice it, that if you aren’t looking into it, you should be.”
  • DevOps and more specifically, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deliver (CICD) tools, such as Vagrant, Jenkins, and Packer.io.  It’s a blacksmith’s world at the moment. Know these tools and a bit of a programming language and things will start to get really interesting. (Not familiar with DevOps? Amit Vaid has a good summary.)
  • Body Hacking: This is more a category of technologies — rather than any single one in particular — that work together to report on human functioning. His fascination started when he was much deeper into cycling.  “Using ANT+ , I combined a heart rate monitor with a power meter to monitor my workout – I was in love.”  From there he’s gone on to other things. “We use Emotive’s “at home” EEG machine to watch how my wife’s Multiple Sclerosis progresses in new and interesting ways,” he says. “The convergence of tech and biomedical is going to be super interesting to watch. “

And outside of work?

One of the most exciting extra-curricular activities he’s involved with is, you guessed it, the #vBrownBag series. Along with the pre-VMworld mini-conference, the #vBrownBag crew has developed the #vBrownBag Networking Track, a dedicated foray into the networking space and specifically the CCNA/CCNP level certifications.  He’s also helping to expand  the #vBrownBag to include ongoing APAC and EMEA podcasts and more languages (Spanish being the first) in addition to the North American English podcasts. Learn about those and other developments on the #vBrownBag site.

Watch this space for more entries in this series on the shapers and engagers in the world of virtual network services.