Gabrie van Zanten

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Gabrie van Zanten

Gabrie van Zanten

Gabrie van Zanten

Who is he?

Gabrie is a virtualization architect working for Open Line, a Dutch integrator.

Where can you find him?

He’s the master agent of Gabe’s Virtual World, but he also carries a license-to-write at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Sources have him on several deep cover operations. Including as a contributing editor to “Mastering VMware vSphere 5”  and one of two reviewers on “The Official VCP5 Certification Guide.”

Why we like him?

Practical, down-to-earth Gabrie pulls no punches giving you a hands-on look at VMware. Read his blog and you’re bound to uncover some verrrry interesting VMware deployment problems. Oh, and how many other bloggers do you know can work James Bond into a post about VMotion?

What’s he thinking about?

“SDN in combination with cloud solutions,” says Gabrie “People tend to forget that moving a VM in a public cloud back into the private cloud is more than just copying the VM.”

His take on virtual network services

“I think virtual networks are the last part in the virtual datacenter that isn’t as virtual yet as we want it to be. With VMware’s NSX and the Cisco counterpart coming soon, it will be much easier to deploy customer environments or applications with specific network requirements. SDN will help us make it easier and faster to deploy complex network environments

What’s he writing about?

Did you know, no VMotion when HA network partitioned

During my migration from vSphere 4.1 to vSphere 5.5, I ran into an issue I had never experienced before. When your VMware HA network is partitioned, vCenter will not let you perform VMotions. At first I was surprised but after some searching I learned the reasons behind it and it makes complete sense now…

Installation vCenter Inventory Service hangs forever

Recently I was installing an additional VMware vCenter Server in an environment in which I had replaced all default certificates with official CA certificates and ran into an issue where installation of the VMware vCenter Inventory Service kept hanging when communicating with the VMware SSO server. In the installation wizard of VMware vCenter Inventory Service you’ll be asked for the vCenter Single Sign On information. You enter the admin@system-domain account, password and the URL to the Lookup Service…

Be carefull with VMware SSO Master password bug

This week I installed a fresh vSphere 5.1 Update 1 environment and I wanted to configure it will real world certificates to get rid of all those “Do you really really reeeeeally accept this insecure website” messages. Using the VMware SSL Certificate Automation Tool I generated all the new certificates and then started changing the certificate on the VMware SSO server. When doing this, you’ll be asked for the Master password. Since I learned a while ago in a very painful way that the Admin@System-domain password is not equal to the Master password, I had written down the Master password and was 100% sure I had the correct Master password. But updating the certificate failed with the error: Incorrect master password. Tried it a few times but it kept failing. Logged in with admin@system-domain in the vSphere Web Client and this was the correct password…

And outside of work?

Watching movies and trying to learn HTML5/CSS/PHP 🙂


Watch this space for more entries in this series on the shapers and engagers in the world of virtual network services.

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      Hey Rick,
      Good to hear from you. Liked your post ( about evaluating cloud providers. An evacuation plan – good idea. How do you think Snowden’s revelations will impact business interest in the cloud?