Dave Greenfield and Jeff Aaron talk virtual WAN optimization

Why Software-based Virtual WANop is Taking Off (Video)

As a pioneer in virtual WAN optimization, we also like to pioneer how you get more quality information about virtual WANop and WANop in general. Taking a slightly different approach, this is the first of a new series of video blogs where I bring you closer to the Silver Peak community of product experts, partners and customers. We will explore topics that include: “How to use the Silver Peak GMS to justify a return on investment,” “How partners have gained success selling Silver Peak,” and “How Silver Peak fits into a larger technology ecosystem.”

In this first episode, I speak with Silver Peak vice president of product marketing, Jeff Aaron, about the 10,000th download from the Virtual WAN Optimization Marketplace. This marks an important milestone, as the Silver Peak marketplace becomes the most popular online source for WAN optimization software. Watch this video to learn about the significance of virtual WAN optimization, what options are available, and why virtual WAN optimization is gaining so much traction.