Yelp for Enterprise IT

I am a big fan of analyst reports, especially when Gartner positions Silver Peak as a leading visionary in the Magic Quadrant and when Forrester says Silver Peak is the “best current WAN optimization offering” in its  last two Wave reports. There is no substitute for objective, third party analysis. But, with the Internet being what it is, is this the only way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a segment of products anymore?

I’d like to see something like Yelp, but for enterprise IT. A place where users can rate products on different categories, like management, scale, breadth of features, etc. And a forum where end users can give honest feedback and comments on vendors, whenever and however they want.

Sure, I imagine a site like this can be gamed by unscrupulous vendors. But, if moderated properly, that problem can be managed, no? Plus, the more popular products will have enough reviews that accurate trends will become clear and undeniable.

Is anyone aware of a website like this for enterprise grade products, like firewalls, WAN optimization appliances, high end switches/routers, etc? I’ve seen something similar for consumer and SMB products; And occasionally the trade magazines try to stimulate this kind of dialogue, like Network World did here. But I am not aware of a site devoted exclusively to end users reviewing enterprise grade IT products.

If someone is aware of a good site like this, please point me to it. If not, maybe I should start applying for domain names. Is “YelpIT” taken?